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Luxury Painting and Wine Experience Brussels

When I paint, it is always my luxury moment during the day. Because it is a time for ME. Where I enjoy some music and wine.

I wanted to offer this luxurious time for my clients. A time where they don’t have to worry or bot about ANYTHING.


Arriving to my workshop alone or with a friend, and enjoying 3 hours painting and drinking some wine...

Also, i like to give Freedom, freedom to paint something that you like, in your own time.

I have 2 wonderful locations for my workshop.


I hope to see you soon!



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Maricela del Rio
Maricela del Rio
10. Feb. 2021

Hi Patricia, You can have a look directly on the workshops and select the date that you prefer. From March it is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week. Saturday 6 March 12:30 i have 4 spots left 17:00 it is SOLD OUT Painting and Wine Acrylics workshop 65€ Painting and Watercolor workshop 45€ Painting and Champagne workshop from 100€ All information is there :

Gefällt mir

Hi, can you give me the dates and prices for your next workshop please. Thank you ! PatriciaTripier

Gefällt mir

Maricela del Rio
Maricela del Rio
08. Feb. 2021

Hi Patricia, in march! You can book this month already. Saturday 6 march at 12:30 i have 2 people, 6 spots left Saturday 20 march at 12:30 i have 2 people and at 17:00 i have 4 people. But every week I have workshops. 🤗

Gefällt mir

Hi Maricela when it will begin ?

Gefällt mir
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