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About Me

Visual artist

 Design, art, illustration have always been my passion.
Graduated from the Fashion Design University at Jannette Klein. I started my career as

fashion designer in Mexico City.


 I have been working in the world of fashion, art and design for more than 20 years. My passion for 
art has always injected happiness into my heart.

What is reflected in my design and paintings it is inspired by Mexico, in my roots, in my country.
Celebrated by an original, exotic style defined by bright colors.

After having closed my jewelry, art and fashion store in Brussels in December 2020, it is
when I have dedicated myself 100% to painting.


 - Realistic art with artist Pepe Salgado 2022.

 - ARA Boston - Academy of realistic art atelier with artist Eric Johnson 2022.

 - Digital Art workshop with Alex Demarcos 2021.
 - Oil painting atelier with artist Joseph Patric Daniels. Year 2021.
 - Portrait workshop with the artist Joseph Patric Daniels . Year 2021.
 - Pencil portrait workshop with the artist Ethan Nguyen. Year 2021.
 - Portrait workshop with the artist Proko. Year 2021.

- Sentient Academy of Art: 1 year ”Portrait, mentorship 2020

    with the artist Albin Veselka. 

- Bachelor of Fashion Design in Mexico City. 1989-1993.



 “MEXICO IN BRUSSELS” from October 17 to November 15, 2021 at the Local Club,
 Ixelles area, Brussels, Belgium.




Painting and wine experience Brussels it is growing fast.  L'Atelier, Local Club and Full Circle are the locations where I offer my painting experience. 


From 1 July I am at a L'Atelier Malibran next to place Flagey where I re-named my workshops as "Painting and wine experience".



In march I open my Showroom/Atelier in Etterbeek at Hive5 where I  started  my PAINTING AND WINE workshops again as well as at  LOCAL CLUB in Ixelles. 



It was a very difficult year for many people in the world. I closed my store the 31 December 2020 because I was drowning with all the expenses, after closing my store my dreams were blurred, I lost a lot of money and energy, not to mention that just months before some thieves broke in at night to rob my store. But I decided to continue no matter what, and then covid-19... I was already badly hit by the robbery, the insurance did not pay me anything and the covid was the last thrust. 


2016 to 2020 

Atelier/store in Brussels, Belgium "MARICELA DEL RIO Jewelry & Art" where I had a permanent exposition of my paintings. In 2019 I started the painting and wine workshops. 


To learn more about my studies or work I invite you to have a look on LINKEDIN

 Born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico on August 15, 1971.


Visual Artist
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