Maricela Del Rio


Welcome to my art workshop in Brussels

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Cancellation Policy

Workshops most be cancelled at list 4 days before the date. Cancellations will receive a credite code to be used for future workshops within 3 months. 

Cancellations received less than 3 days before the workshop, absences and missed workshops will be lost. 

If you don’t assist to the workshop you’ll lose your session. 

If you text me, call me or email me the same day or one day before, I am so sorry but I cannot give you a credito code for your lost session. 


I don't accept  cancellations, because I need to prepare and buy a lot of stuff for your session. 
Only if you cancel 15 days in advance I can give you a credit code to book for another time. And the credit will be 85% of the total. 


If you don't show up or use your sessions, you lose them, they don't accumulate. 


If you don't send me the photo reference number from my album 3 days in advance. I am not responsible that your materials are ready when you arrive at the workshop. 

Expired Gift Vouchers


Be sure to tell the person that you will offer the gift voucher that it has an expiration of 3 months. 

I assure you that she/he will have a wonderful experience. The problem is that they forget to use it, and then after several months or even years they show up with all kind of excuses.


The gift vouchers are valuable 3 months. After 3 months they will be expired. 

I can extend 1 month your gift voucher in case you "forgot" to book. ONLY if you ask before expires. 

If you got covid-19 positive, I will extend your gift voucher 1 month.

I don't intend to earn p