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Website , Design and Photos by Maricela del Rio
Worry dolls ( Spanish Muñeca quita penas ) are small hand-made that originate from Guatemala and Mexico. 

The dolls are dressed Maya style. The size of the doll is around 6cm.

A Mayan princess named Ixmucane, received a special gift from a god which would allow her to solve any problem a human could worry about.
In traditional modern times, worry dolls are given or lent to brooding and sorrowful children. They could tell their doll about their sorrows, fears, and worries, then hide it under their pillow during night. After this, the child will literally sleep over the whole thing. At the next morning, all sorrows are said to have been taken away by the worry doll.

* The package comes with 7 beautiful dolls wrapped with MARICELA DEL RIO’s art ready for gift.

Worry Dolls | Muñeca quita penas | Mexican Handcraft

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